• Ships in days not weeks.
    TechCal Waiting weeks for new or replacement recorders is like banging your head against the wall. Why would you do that? Exactly.
  • you won't hate our guts.
    Our all stainless steel and anodized aluminum internals provide extreme corrosion resistance.
  • Wet charts are worthless.
    Never pull a soggy chart again. Double-throw latches and durable o-ring seals provide watertight protection in even the most extreme conditions.
  • Pens & batteries on-site.
    Getting caught without pens and batteries is like getting caught with your pants down. Our case can help you with the pens and batteries. Not so much the pants.
    We use Genuine Pelican Cases® for our recorder housing. It’s a case as tough and hardworking as you are.

  • scumbag proof.
    Tamper proof, stainless steel padlock loops keep the bad guys out.
  • damn near bulletproof.
    Our shatterproof Lexan® viewing window provides near bulletproof durability and scratch resistance.

  • Mount it like you mean it.
    Our recorders come in more than 11 site-specific mounting configurations. (shown with Stand & Handle Configuration)
  • More is always better.
    Record up to three pressure or temperature ranges in one unit.
  • TechCal
    Too good looking to drop in the mud.
    TechCalWe think this baby is pretty sexy, and the non-slip handle keeps it that way, despite your dirty hands (or thoughts).

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  • Mechanical type recording measuring static pressure and temperature. 8" & 12" Models.
  • 15 PSI, 25 PSI, 50 PSI, 75 PSI, 100 PSI, 150 PSI, 200 PSI, 250 PSI, 300 PSI, 500 PSI, 1K PSI, 1.5K PSI, 2K PSI, 3K PSI, 5K PSI, 6K PSI, 10K PSI, 15K PSI, 20K PSI, 30K PSI, 50K PSI
  • 0-100 Deg F, 0-120 Deg F, 0-150 Deg F, 0-200 Deg F, 0-300 Deg F, 0-500 Deg F
  • Static Pressure Elements
  • Pressure-Helical (bourdon), 316 Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Systems
  • Temp.-Helical (bourdon) Class V Mercury Filled
  • Colors available
    TechCal Colors Available TechCal Colors Available TechCal Colors Available TechCal Colors Available
  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Calibration, +/- 0.5% of Span
  • Adjustable zero screw
  • Battery Operated Models: 820R001(60 Min, 96 Min., 12 HR, 1,2,7,8,14,16,31 & 32 Day), 820R029(30 min - 1 hr - 2 hr - 4 hr - 6 hr - 8 hr- 12 hr - 1 d - 2 d - 3 d - 4 d - 7 d)
  • Wind Type Models: 725R086 (15Min1HR), 725R138 (1HR,3HR), 725R077 (2HR,8HR), 725R084 (24HR, 7D), 725R086 (24HR, 8D), 725R175 (96MIN/24HR), 725R081 (4HR)
  • All Temp. Fine Point Felt Disposable Pens
  • Operating Temperature -40 thru 55 deg C
  • Air, Gas, Water, Oil, Mud (only with snubber)
  • Tech Cal Recorders conform to API and NACE requirements as well as AGA recommendations.
  • Case is made of Polyethylene Copolymer, Chemical Resistant, Light Weight & Durable Temperature Range: -10°F to 210°F
  • Manufactured by Technology & Calibration, Inc. – USA and ISO 9001 Registered Company
  • Chart Paper required is 12” (11.125" actual) conforming to Barton & American Meter Recorders.
  • Temperature Capillary, SS, 10' Long w/ 12" Probe, 11/16" Bulb, 1/2" NPT Gland, Custom lengths available
  • Pipe Mount for 2" or 2.5" Pipe, Flush Wall Mount, Stand & Handle Portable, Lower Back or Bottom Connections.
  • Extra Pen Holder, Battery Holder, Key Holder, Temperature System Reel
  • Extra Pens, Charts, Keys & Batteries available.
  • Operation Manual, Technical Drawings, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of Calibration.

Tech Cal is a chart recorder manufacturer located in Houston, Texas. Our Chart recorders are made with Genuine Pelican Cases® and are the toughest, most dependable, and most accurate mechanical recording devices in the world. Our products are 100% made in the USA and are assembled and calibrated by highly trained technicians. We have a full service calibration shop that can provide QUICK high quality calibration and repair service on all your Pressure, Temperature, Torque, and Load test equipment. Since 1998 Tech Cal has been ISO 9001 Registered to ensure all its customers the highest degree of quality. Tech Cal also rents Chart Recorders and other measuring devices like Pressure Gauges, Digital Dead Weights and Torque Wrenches. We have an extensive stock of Graphic Controls chart paper and pens, batteries and other consumables.